• EK250 'Easy' Pump Kit

EK-250 'Easy' Pump Kit


EASY - No electric supplied required

EASY - No sunlight required

EASY - Simple set-up and assembly

EASY - No trailing power leads in the Garden

EASY - EK-250 powerful lead acid battery providing approx 36 hours of continuous use

EASY TO RUN - Able to run for over 1 month without charging based on one hour a day usage

EASY TO USE - Remote Control with 5 function programmes. 1/2/3/4 hours usage or continuously

Max Flow Rate - 250 Litres per Hour

Maximum Head Lift - 75cm

LED Light - Cluster LED

Battery - Lead Acid

Supplied with A/C Adaptor for recharging. 8 hours to fully charge battery

EK250 'Easy' Pump Kit

  • Brand: Aqua Flo
  • Product Code: EK-250 - 'Easy' Pump Kit
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